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Shop Local Louisville is the first, and only, 360° Photo Directory and review site for businesses that are owned in Louisville for Loo-uh-vul! Here you will find hometown restaurants, bars, nightclubs, live music, retailers, personal services, home repairs, auto repair shops, and many other businesses that are locally owned and operated. We know we all live in the biggest small town in America where we find out who you know by where you went to High School. Where you find out how long someone has lived here by using "turn by the old Sear's store" when giving them directions. We know "Loouhvul" and we are committed to giving local business owners more exposure for their hometown business!

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It's hard to find anyone who works as hard or takes as much pride in what they do as a local business owner. No matter what the business, the men and women who run the neighborhood bakery, restaurant, clothing store, auto repair shop,or house painter put their passion and soul's into it.

Shop Local is flipping the script for hometown business by using the best online marketing practices to bring local businesses to the forefront in online marketing, drive traffic to their websites, gain more business by being ranked higher in search engines. We believe in supporting locally owned business.

Your family, friends, and neighbors work hard to provide great products and services right in your neighborhood. When you are searching for a "restaurant near me", or any other business or service, all of those national chains with huge ad budgets show up at the top of the search page. Our local businesses get pushed lower and lower on the page even though they often have the best food, drinks, service in Louisville. That is where Shop Local Louisville comes in, we are experts at bringing online traffic to local businesses.